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Our Story

The Gardner Funeral Home was established in 1932 by Edward C. Gardner, grandfather of Wendy L. Gardner. The second generation began with Edward C. Gardner, Jr. in 1957 when he graduated from Eckels School of Mortuary College. Edward, Jr. took over ownership in 1978. That same year, David H. Gardner joined the funeral home finishing high school. David graduated from mortuary school in 1982, and worked in the business with his father and grandfather until his death on September 1, 1983.

In January of 1984, Wendy L. Gardner became the second third generation family member to enter the funeral business when she started the Funeral Service Certificate Program at Mercer County Community College. After the sudden death of Edward C. Gardner, Jr. in October of 1992, Wendy and her husband, Jim, took over the operations of the Gardner Funeral Home. Since then, they have continued the values and traditions set forth by Wendy’s grandfather and strive to offer the highest quality care for all families.

Our Logo

Just what does a seahorse have to do with funerals? Plenty.

We’ve repeatedly been asked “Why a seahorse?” The answer isn’t that surprising.

Seahorses are unique. They’re a fish, but certainly don’t look like one. They are nurturing parents, loyally caring for and protecting their young.

There’s a lot of similarities between the seahorse and us. We have a unique commitment to those we serve. Our main concern is to loyally serve and guide those who have trusted us with a special responsibility.

Put this loyal service together with the fact that we’re located near the seashore on Black HORSE Pike and it just makes sense that our official spokesperson should be a cute little “G” shaped seahorse.

So when you see it, think of Gardner Funeral Home. And our unique, nurturing care. A seahorse…of course.

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