Message of Hope Activity

Pens or Markers

Draw a heart and cut it out.

Think of special memories, words, symbols, phrases, things you miss, or things you liked to do that remind you of your loved one. These memories are ones that shaped your heart, nourished your soul, and made you who you are. 

Now, rip, tear, or crumble this heart in whatever way feels right for you. This represents how you felt the days, weeks, months, or years following the news of the loss. Your heart is broken and torn to pieces. There are empty spaces and missing parts.

When you have a physical wound. Bandaids are used and are often associated with hurt. But they also represent healing, nurture, and care. Take a moment to piece together your heart using the bandaids. As you are doing that, I invite you to reflect on those who have brought healing to your life, the positive supports, comforting sayings, or strengths you have that have carried you through on your hardest days. You can write those examples on the bandaids. 

Take a moment to reflect on what you have in front of you. 
What do you need to hear ?

What does your heart need to know?

Your heart is very different than before. Cracks run across it now. Some wounds may not heal and maybe they aren’t meant to. Your heart will continue to yearn for the past but it will also continue to love as you move forward. But what remains is the reminder that your person lived, loved and existed. Their love is always with you. They are still with you. 

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