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Memorial day is a holiday to honor our fallen heroes who died serving our country. At its core, Memorial day is rooted in grief. Grief sweeps across the country and in to our hearts. At every turn, there are not so subtle reminders of what today is really about- loss. As a culture, we also mark the day with barbecues, gatherings, time off, and weekend celebrations. Special holidays are particularly difficult for the grieving community. It is yet another another painful reminder, another special moment, without the person they love. While our country celebrates, the grievers mourn. Today we honor those taken from us and also respect the ones who are still here.

To everyone grieving today

We hear you.

We see you.

We acknowledge you.

On this Memorial Holiday, take the time to not only remember the person you have lost but also to acknowledge your pain and remember your grief.

Tell us how you are honoring your losses today?

Until next week,
Director of Community Development & Grief Services


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