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The theme of our 2019 Holiday Remembrance Service was courage. Those in attendance were reminded that facing your grief, in the midst of darkness, is the most courageous act of self-love anyone could do. When we find the courage to face the darkness, call on each other for support, and love deeply we can find our inner light. Below is a reading that was shared at our service.


How do we go on?- John Mark Green

How do we go on, after the unthinkable happens?

How can we carry the burden of knowing the world can be cruel and dangerous?

The future so unpredictable?

How do we grieve with empty arms and a head filled with echoing memories?


We are stronger than we know, and this is how we show it:

Holding each other, Giving comfort in the midst of pain.

Loving more fiercely, through our actions and the things we say.

Making the world just a little bit better, every single day.

Never taking life for granted, knowing that it can be snatched away.


This world may bring deep darkness but we are the bearers of light.

We’ll join our flames together, and shine in the blackest of nights.


How can you find a way, even in the smallest places, to be the light in the world?


Until next week,
Director of Community Development & Grief Services.

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