Grief Timeline- Mindful Monday

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How long will this last?

When will I stop grieving?

How long will my pain last?

When will this be over?

Why can’t I be over this by now?

Often times, these become the main questions of the grieving mind. Our human brains want order, timelines, and endpoints to make sense out of something unimaginable. However, these questions become significant barriers to healthy grieving. It is important to understand that the idea that grief can be given an orderly timeline is a myth. This is a myth that has lead grievers to believe they are ‘doing it all wrong’. The grief timeline is unpredictable, uncertain, and quite possibly infinite. Grief begins to shift and take different forms throughout our life but it always remains. It remains deep within your grieving heart, the same heart that holds deep love.

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Director of Community Development & Grief Services

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