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Rituals during the grief process provide individuals and families with the opportunity to acknowledge their loss, remember the person who died, and process emotions related to their loss. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to memorializing someone who has died. Public forms of rituals can be funerals, religious services, and large gatherings. Especially, during the time of the pandemic, it has proven to be a difficult and heartbreaking adjustment for people to gather for these traditional ceremonies.

The power of ritual lies in symbolism. These small acts provide you with an outward expression of not only your internal pain but also your deep love. Now more than ever, it is important to find personal, unique, and creative ways to incorporate rituals at home to help with the grieving process.

Some of my favorite small rituals I have heard from families include:

  • Donating to a charity in their name on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Having the their favorite meal on their birthday or holiday.
  • Dancing to their favorite song.
  • Ordering their favorite food at their favorite restaurant.
  • Looking through old photo albums

In collaboration with The Funeral Service Foundation, Good Grief has provided funeral professionals with wonderful resources to help children and families understand the importance of funeral rituals and memorialization. For more information, click here to download their toolkit, Funerals in the time of a Pandemic. 

We would love to hear the meaningful rituals you have created for you and your family! Share with us below.

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