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Grief enters your life like a powerful gust of wind. You are taken back, thrown off course, your roots upended. You chase after pieces of your life that feel just out of reach. Grasping for a sense of normalcy at every turn. The only thing left to do is face the aftermath of the storm that barreled through your life. This devastation is shocking and intense. Getting through your day may be the most difficult task for you to face. The pain can be unbearable. In the beginning, your main focus is survival. Below is a list of suggestions to help you with your early grief process. I am encouraging you to return back to the basics.

Back to the Basics:

  • Safety
    Grief often causes you to be preoccupied and distracted. You can be more vulnerable to injury. Tasks such as driving or cooking can become dangerous. Remain diligent and mindful to ensure safety within and around you.
  • Food
    Everyone responds differently. Pay attention to your body. Feed your body foods that feel best for you.
  • Water
    The emotional impact of grief is exhausting and can even be dehydrating. Drink as much water as you can.
  • Hygiene
    This can include taking a shower, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or putting on a comfortable outfit. These tasks may seem menial, yet can be vital.
  • Movement
    Get up! Move your body! Get outside and get fresh air. Even if it’s to your mailbox and back. Every step helps.
  • Rest
    Many people find sleep a challenge, especially in the early process of grief.  You may need an extra nap throughout the day. It is important to honor your mind and body. Take some time to slow down and recharge.

Even when grief becomes more like a gentle breeze in your life, you can always return back to the basics when things feel out of control. The above suggestions are just that, suggestions. You and only you can determine what works best for you. Take what works and leave what doesn’t. You are the expert of your grief.

Let us know, what has helped you navigate your grief process?

Until next week,
Director of Community Development & Grief Services

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