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When we get caught up in our daily stresses, family heartache, and tragic world news, we naturally find ourselves longing for things to be different. We dream of the should haves, the could haves, and the would haves of the past while simultaneously feeling paralyzed about the unknown of the future. Add a mile-long to-do list to this pile and we find it hard to pry our way out of the depths of our busy minds.

Incorporating mindfulness into everyday living is a simple yet complicated task. Our minds are in a constant state of stress and overwhelm, leaving us going through the motions and left wondering what day of the week it is or how all of a sudden it is April. So much so that we miss out on our lives more than we live it.

Check-in with yourself. Ask yourself today, is my mind FULL or am I being mindful? And watch as you slowly begin to notice the inspiring ways mindfulness begins to be incorporated into your life.

The magic of the first bite of your favorite food. 

The magnificent colors of a setting sun.

The sweet laugh of your close relative or friend.

The indescribable smell and feel of freshly washed sheets.

The excitement you feel when your favorite song comes on the radio.

The beautiful yet delicate reminder of a deep breath.

Take a minute to slow your mind. Where did you leave behind yesterday’s mistakes, tomorrow’s uncertainty, today’s burdens, and cherish the present’s gifts?

Until next week,

Director of Community Development & Grief Services


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